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ISO 55000: Asset Management since SGestMan© System.

In early 2014, the world linked to Asset Management and CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Systems) renewed strategies with the publication by the International Organization for Standardizaron of ISO 55000: 2014, of the Asset Management committee ISO/PC 251. The objective of this international standard is to describe an overview for Asset Management and Asset Management Systems. This standards family is shown in ISO 55001 (Asset Management-Management systems-Requirements) and ISO 55002 (Asset Management-Management systems-Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001). This standard identifies common practices that can be applied in different scenarios, different organization and different business cultures.

A Cooperation Agreement for Informatics Solutions between Gamma SA Investments and Information Technology ETI Company, of Biocubafarma Group, is signed.

2014 ended with the signing of a cooperation agreement between Gamma S.A. Investment Company and Information Technology ETI Company, belonging to Biocubafarma Group. This agreement aims to establish general conditions of IT solutions, with a view to updating, improving and modifying the SGestMan© INTEGRAL TECHNOLOGY, for optimal use of Maintenance Management System Aided by Computers, as well as establishing contractual bases to ensure the achievement of a mutually advantageous technical collaboration between the Parties.


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